Who is my Therapist?
I am registered with the State of
Florida as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I obtained my B.A. in Psychology from Stetson University, Deland, Florida, and continued at Stetson obtaining my M.S. degree, graduating  in December, 2006. I graduated with honors for both my B.A. and M.S. I worked my practicum/internship at the UCF Community Counseling Clinic, working with individuals, couples and  families, providing skills to bring about self-understanding, self-acceptance, transformation and efficiency, while remaining flexible in adapting the therapeutic techniques to align to the needs of the client. 

I am a member of the local/national chapters of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists and the American Counseling Association. Additionally, I am a member of the  the national organization, the Association for Death Education and Counselng, and hold the highest credentialing with this organization as a "Fellow in Thanatology," noting a concentrated study and understanding in aspects of death, dying and bereavement.

I have a self-published book, which adresses death of a sibling twin, called "Baseball Forever! A Boy’s Book on Grief, Loss, and Healing." I continue to involve myself in work with bereavement, loss and recovery issues, whether through writing, presentations and/or workshops.    

I am dedicated to continuing education, through reading, workshops, consultation with colleagues and participation in organizational monthly meetings that can enhance my skills as a clinician. I see my role as a professional counselor as one that encompasses continual learning, application and growth. 


Therapeutic Work

I streamline sessions to fit the needs of the client. This eclectic, solution oriented theoretical approach  involves a balance of  client education and therapeutic intervention. At the outset, I ask that clients commit to being self-motivated, with readiness to invest in themselves to make lasting changes that will improve their lives “one step at a time.” Implementing flexibility throughout the therapeutic relationship, I work in cooperation with clients, making needed adjustments in their treatment plan as therapy progresses. Rather than focus on problematic issues, I use a solution focused approach that enhances client strengths, engaging the client’s focus on their potential and what they do well, utilizing mindfulness, while  building on this foundation. I enjoy working with young adults, adults, couples, and families. I have expertise in the field of grief recovery, hypnosis and relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and have a passion for gerontological wellness. I enjoy providing hope and tools that can bring about a restorying of a client's life. I also enjoy working with individuals who are faced with health challenges, empowering them to draw on the powerful internal source of strength that can create calm in a challenging time. 



Using creativity, art, and role-play,  I work with individuals, couples and families engaging them in therapeutic inteventions that can enhance their self-esteem, bringing about relaxation and play, while at the same time, increasing healthy, supportive communication skills. 

The foundation of my  practice is based on a family system approach – a way of seeing each family member as a part of the entire system - with each individual contributing their part for overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.



Each session may include a variety of approaches fine-tuned to suit the clients needs. This can incorporate family genograms, family sculpting, narrative therapy, journaling, dreamwork, cognitive-behavioral techniques, relaxation techniques, breathwork, mindfulness and art. I work in cooperation with the clients vision of steps for creating harmony; affirming, expanding and  building on the foundation of strengths each individual brings to the therapeutic relationship. I also help to clarify and institute healthy boundaries that are crucial to a high functioning family system. 



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