Professional Statement 

As a Marriage and Family Therapist registered with the State of Florida Department of Health, I am committed to providing my clients with relationship skills and empowerment through compassion, emotional safety, and complete confidentiality, while upholding high professional standards and ethics. I give each of my clients respect and courtesy. I envision clients as healthy/whole individuals, and provide them with the practical skills necessary to pilot the journey of life with positive, life enhancing results. I am committed to providing my clients with the skills and education necessary to move through the transitional waves of change and confusion with greater clarity and confidence.

Each client participates in and influences what he or she receives in session, and my hope is to provide the most effective skill and care while we walk the counseling path together. I make it my personal goal to work in cooperation with my clients, seeking clarification and providing insight, while  at the same time, empowering them to make our work together beneficial and satisfying. 

Education can be a beneficial part of the counseling experience, assisting the client through insight, to release  unhealthy ways of interacting with self/others while embracing new mindfulness tools bringing self-awareness in creating  healthy and rewarding intimate relationships and positive growth. 

As a therapist, I focus on client strengths and possibilities, building on these valuable assets as we work together, step by step. I also address misconceptions an individual may hold about themselves, preventing them from getting what they really want in their life/relationships. 

I see the client-therapist relationship as one that involves honesty and cooperation in facilitating the client in reaching their goal(s). Through actively listening to the client's self-talk, I provide an open space for exploring their “true feelings” about life situations, engaging tools for making adjustments in their perceptions and motivations, which can then lead to a more fulfilling, authentic life. In this way, the client is able to see the present picture they have painted, making adjustments, transforming their image, and adding colors to reflect their authentic self.
Carl Jung says,  “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” I believe we are continually in an evolutionary process of becoming, and I would like the opportunity to work with you in your transformation.

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